‘First we eat, then we do everything else’ – M.F.K. Fisher.

I’m a writer whose main subject is food (though I make the odd foray into history or cinema, music or books). But my theory is that food relates to all the other aspects of life that matter. So when I say that I write about food, that doesn’t tell you much. The subject of food encompasses love and home and toast at the kitchen table; but also hunger, e-numbers and diets that don’t work. Food is History and Politics and Agriculture.  It's about the global challenges of feeding a growing population; and the endless anxiety about what to cook for dinner.  Food is also about the small things, like how a blood orange tastes in February or the way a handful of pumpkin seeds seem to come alive in a hot pan. Food is  menus and whisks and the dreams we have after eating cheese. It's one subject we all have an opinion on, a never-ending discussion that nourishes us almost as much as the meals themselves.  

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